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  Add automatic translation blog.


 I created a page in English.
 Please forgive any mistakes.

 Will join.
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■ For Author ■
Name:Sakuya Shijou
Blood type:O 

I'm not good at English.
For more visitors from overseas, opened the site in English.
So many mistakes in the text.

I am studying illustration.
I enjoy making bread lately.
Homemade pizza is delicious.

■ For illustrations and photographs ■
Please do not use any images ( artworks and photos on my site)
on your site without permission.
At least, I hope you mail me before you post it.
・HETARIA     ・TOUHOU        ・Idol M@ster 
・Vocaloid                etc...
I also like other genres.

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DOUJIN works Written in the past.
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